Wells Fargo

  • Banking & Finance
  • IT Services
301 South Tryon Street
Mail Code D1129-083
Charlotte, NC 28282
(704) 383-4761
8:30 - 4:00 Eastern Time
  • About

    Wells Fargo & Company is a diversified financial services company with $1.3 trillion in assets, providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance through more than 11,000 stores, over 12,000 ATMs and the internet (wellsfargo.com) across North America and internationally.

  • Whom to Contact

    • Brittney Adler
      Project Manager
    • Wes Akers
      Lead Application Systems Engineer
    • Sarah Alfero
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Richard Anderson
      Relationship Manager
    • Cheryl Atwood
      Senior Operational Risk Consultant
    • Helen Babu
      VP, Test Automation Manager
    • Reena Bansal
    • Jennifer Barber
      Enterprise Finance & Information Technology
    • Bryan Barnes
      Mobility Leader
    • Thomas Bartolomeo
      Head of Cyber Security Defense and Monitoring
    • Rogers Belk
      Technical Service Specialist
    • Carl Benda
      Enterprise Services Capabilities Enablement
    • Michael Berardi
      Operational Risk Consultant
    • Daphne Beyers
      Enterprise Data Technology
    • Neha Bhalla
      Strategy Consultant
    • Alyse Bixon
    • Sharisse Blackshear
      Service Asset + Coniguration Management Governance
    • Paul Blalock
      Senior Relationship Manager
    • Darlene Bleyenberg
      Senior Business Systems Consultant
    • Tom Boland
      Chief Technology Officer, Corporate Properties & Security Technology
    • Martha Bomely
      VP, Technology Manager
    • Maria Boswell
      VP, IT for IT Portfolio Management
    • Robert Bradford
      Business Systems Consultant Manager
    • Jessica Brooks
    • Adrienne Brown
      Technology Manager, Vice President
    • David Brown
      Sr. HR Portfolio Architect
    • Greeshma Bura
    • Nick Bury
      Apps System Engineer - Cyber Security Innovation
    • Jeffrey Cachine
      Technical Project Manager
    • Kayren Cathcart
      Project Coordinator, LOB Delivery
    • Aine Cawley
    • Helen Chamblee
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Janell Chan
      Technology Project Manager
    • Beth Charles
      EDE Retail Lending-Deposits Domain APP / Card
    • Paul Chen
      Risk Remediation
    • Chelsea Clark
    • Cynthia Collins
      Business Initiatives Manager
    • Jennifer Connolly
    • Ariana Conte
    • Vance Cook
      Wells Fargo Advisors ? Enterprise Information Tech
    • Michael Costello
      Technology Recruiter
    • Catherine Cox
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Brian Crisco
    • Denise Cummings
      Sr. Project Manager
    • Raechel Curiel
    • Nicole Curran
      Business Initiatives Consultant
    • Greg Curry
      VP, Technology Manager
    • Leo D'Souza
      Risk Analytics Manager
    • Danita Davis
      Enterprise Risk Management Technology
    • Lisa Davis
      Technology Manager
    • Natasha Davis
      EIT TR Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
    • Will Davis
      Mobile Enablement Services Lead
    • Kara Deal
      AVP, EIT Delivery Lead
    • David Delfiner
      Information Security Engineer
    • David Dew
      Technology Area Development Manager
    • Deidra Dickens
    • David Dietrich
      Wholesale Internet Services Fraud Prevention Detec
    • Bob Donaher
      Technology Development Area Manager
    • Sangita Duggaraju
      Technology Manager EQE
    • Kelli Dumser
      Business Solutions Consultant
    • Kelly Duong
      Information Security Analyst
    • Inez Eldewek
      SAFe Program Consultant
    • Julie Engel
      Credit Sales & Trading Technology
    • Annette Evans
      Technology Relationship Manager
    • Chris Flanigan
    • Brian Fletcher
      Technology Area Senior Manager
    • Alex Foley
      Strategic Planning Manager
    • Val Foreman
      Analytics Consultant Officer
    • Marilyn Forrest
      Technology Manager
    • Katherine Foster
      Technology Relationship Manager
    • Theresa Frady
      AVP, Information Security Analyst
    • Cynthia Freund
    • Jennifer Frix
      Analytic Consultant
    • Katharine Fuchs
    • Jyothsna Ganta
      Apps Systems Engineer
    • Janet George
    • Nikkie Gilchrist
      Release Manager/Officer
    • Jerry Gitlitz
      Infrastructure Management Services
    • Matt Godwin
      Relationship Manager, VP
    • Renee Goin
      East Region Capacity Manager
    • Korinne Gray
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Oscar Gurley
      Systems Support Analyst
    • Chris Gushue
      EVP, Head of Technology Infrastructure
    • Lilly Hanson
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Shashi Hariharan
      IT Senior Lead Auditor
    • Wendy Harris
      Enterprise Technology Transition Services
    • Talla Hashemi
    • Nisha Hatwar
    • Mike Heimstead
    • Amanda Herring
      VP, Global Product Manager
    • Eric Hilt
      Senior Business Analyst
    • Anila Hiremath
      Automation Lead
    • Stephanie Hopson
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Melissa Horton
      Technology Manager
    • Mary Katherine Hoskins
      Technology Relationship Manager
    • Ann Hosutt
    • Sayward Howard
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Ken Hubbell
      SVP, Sr. Mgr. Instructional Design Strategy
    • Elcin Icingir
    • Lakedra Jennings
      PC/LAN Analyst
    • Debbie Johnson
      Wealth & Investment Technology
    • Chris Jones
      Cognos Server Administrator
    • Benajia Julious
      Systems QA Analyst
    • Steve Karhnak
      CTO - Risk Technology
    • Cori Katakozinos
    • Lisa Kay
      VP, Business Initiatives
    • Ananth Kendapadi
    • Oyun Khad
    • Wanda Kirschbaum
      Senior IT Project Manager
    • Lisa Koch
      Systems QA Analyst
    • Indira Korrapati
      Tech Division Executive
    • Sailaja Kothuri
      Financial Reporting Consultant
    • Jay Krishnasamy
      IS Architect
    • Jonathan Labash
      Project Manager
    • Michaela LaMarchesino
      Business Initiatives Consultant
    • Sharon Langley
      Business Initiatives Consultant
    • Catherine Larson
      Business Support Consultant
    • Patrick Lavery
      Chief Architect
    • Joanne Layel
      Assistant to Amy R. Nichols
    • Abigail Lepisto
      Digital Delivery Lead - BMW
    • Brianna Lewis
      Technical Project Manager
    • Tomica Lindsey
      Business Initiatives Consultant
    • Aleksandra (Alex) Luc
      Systems QA Analyst
    • Jeff Mabon
      Corporate Finance and Enterprise Information Tech.
    • Alyce Machak
      Applications System Engineer
    • Snorria Maeshack
    • Tracey Magby
      Wealth Investment Management Technology ? Advisor
    • Neha Mathur
      Corporate Banking Group Technology
    • Helen McCloud
      Implementation Manager
    • Kimberly McFadden
    • Andy McGowan
      IT Vendor Manager Exec
    • Tracy Meekins
    • Nadine Mikolajczyk
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Anne Miller
      AVP | Project Manager
    • Danielle Miller
      AML Investigator
    • Patricia Miller
      1DCC / CHAMP Business Systems Consultant
    • Urvashi Mishra
      Capital Market Application System Engineer
    • Naseer Mohammad
      Chief Architect , Enterprise Business Technology
    • Annesia Mohammed
    • Brittany Moore
      Compliance Consultant
    • Celia Moore
    • Deleen Moore
      Information Security Analyst
    • Stacey Moorman
      Technical Project Manager
    • Bruce Mottern
      Customer Data Integrity
    • Sharon Murphy
    • Stacey Murray
    • Kanth Nagapudi
      CTO - Risk & Finance Data and Regulatory Reporting
    • Deepa Nair
      Director, Enterprise Quality Engineering
    • Geetha Narra
    • Shaunte Ndiaye
      VP Enterprise Platform Services
    • Molly Nester
      Business Support Consultant
    • Ann Nestvogel
      Enterprise Core Services
    • Sean Newcomb
      CTO - Human Resources Technology
    • Amy Nichols
      Executive Vice President
    • Hanna Norred
      Senior Administrative Assistant
    • Maxine Nowak
    • Heidi O'Hara
      Enterprise Technology Remediation
    • Victoria Oakley
      Lead Capital Markets Business Analyst
    • Lynn Occhino
      Project Manager
    • Brad Owens
      Web Developer
    • Nerina Packard
      Operational Risk Consultant
    • Krishna Patel
      Production Application Support Mgr.
    • Ruta Patel
      Quality Assurance Analyst
    • Kala Patti
      Apps Systems Engineer
    • Sarah Pearson
      Apps Systems Engineer
    • Mark Pendergrass
      Business Systems Consultant, AVP
    • Siri Pettersen
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Sampada Phadnis
      Enterprise Market Risk Technology
    • Peter Phillips
      Sr. VP, Information Security
    • Raymundo Piquion
      Director - Business Development
    • Terrence Powell
    • Katrina Purdie
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Leslie Quinn Michael
      VP, Operational Risk Consultant
    • Saara Raja
    • Manjula Ramasastry
    • Tata Rao
      VP, Head of Integrated Data Services
    • Michael Rashid
      AVP, Business Initiatives Consultant
    • Akila Ravisundaresan
    • Antonnette Rayan
      AVP, Compliance
    • Kimberley Riley
      Tech Relationship Manager
    • Victor Robinson
      IT SAM
    • Theresa Rosa
    • Ana Rosales
      Sr. Market Risk Business Analyst, AVP
    • Constance Ross
    • Karen Rupp-Urbanski
      Project Manager
    • Dan Russell
      Technology Manager
    • Armin Said
      Strategic Business Consultant
    • Sonia Saldanha
    • John Schwertner
      SVP, Wells Fargo Enterprise Information Technology Group
    • TIffany Seals
      Systems Support Analyst
    • Aparna Sen
      Systems QA Analyst
    • LaToya Shackleford
      Performance Analyst
    • Hema Shah
      Technology Manager
    • Daniel Shirley
      Data Integrity Consultant
    • Pratibha Shukla
    • Pratibha Shukla
    • Robert Simsic
      Senior Vice President
    • Sheronda Sinclair
      Comm RE Ln Servicing Specialist
    • Jerame Smalls
      Operations Analyst 2
    • Shandora Smith
      Operations Processor 3
    • Patricia Snow
      EIT Prioritization - Safety & Soundness
    • Kim Snyder
      Technology Initiatives Manager
    • Roshan Sohanpal
      Capital Markets Technology
    • Chris Soo Hoo
    • Amy Spence
      Information Security Analyst
    • Chandana Sreerambhatla
    • Annette Stanley
      Technology Manager
    • Xiaolu Sun
      Wholesale Business Technology - Credit /Lending
    • Gayathri Suraj
      Digital Product Delivery Lead
    • Carol Tallent
      SR Business Analyst
    • Valli Tangirala
      Technology Manager
    • Michael Teer
      Middle Market Banking
    • Maheshwari Tella
    • Algenia Terrell
      Digital Products Portfolio Manager
    • Jennifer Terrell-Pin
    • Cole Thomas
    • Susan Thomas
    • Brian Timberlake
    • Heather Trego
      Vice President, Loan Lending Technology
    • Jesi Tucker
      Business Systems Consultant
    • David Ulrich
    • Vauhini Vakati
      Enterprise Core Data Services
    • Heather Vance
    • Brandon Vermeer
      Web Developer
    • Cheri Vernava
      AVP Business Systems Consultant
    • Andrew Walters
      Regulatory Technology Manager
    • Nick Whalen
      Sr. VP, Analytics, Reporting, and Technology Strategy Manager
    • Wavie Wilder
      Technology Change Management
    • Alexis Williams
      System Support Analyst/Team Lead
    • Nancy Williams
      OBIEE Reporting Lead
    • Colleen Wirth
      VP, Enterprise Information Security
    • Dana Wise
      Operational Risk Manager
    • Susan Wise
      Application Systems Engineer
    • Angela Wyant
      Business Systems Consultant
    • Sharon Young
      Quality Assurance Analyst
    • Sophia (Jia) Yue
      Enterprise Market Risk Technology
    • Spencer Zaghikian
      Analytics Consultant
    • Christina Zikeli
      Payments, Virtual Solutions and Innovation
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