Fidelity Investments

  • Banking & Finance
100 New Millenium Way
Building 3 NMW21A
Durham, NC 27709
(919) 458-7564
  • About

    Fidelity Investments is an international provider of financial services and investment resources that help individuals and institutions meet their financial objectives.

    Once known primarily as a mutual fund company, Fidelity has adapted and evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of its customers. Today, that evolution is reflected in our menu of products and services. In addition to more than 300 Fidelity mutual funds, we also offer discount brokerage services, retirement services, estate planning, wealth management, securities execution and clearance, life insurance and much, much more.

    What hasn't changed over the years is our commitment to continuous improvement, state-of-the-art technology and peerless customer service. Fidelity is responsible for many innovations that are standards in the industry today. We reinvest a substantial portion of our revenues each year back into technology to deliver new products and services to investors. And we are consistently recognized by industry surveys and publications for providing some of the highest levels of customer support.

  • Whom to Contact

    • Rick Abdella
      Director of Web Development
    • Christine Agamaite
      IT Associate Development
    • Batu Akyurek
      VP, Software Engineering Development Management
    • Mahesh Ananthanarayanan
    • Vadhiraj Anilkumar
      Director, Project Management
    • Carolyn Bell
      Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager for Tech
    • Rachel Book
      Diversity Recruiting Leader
    • Andrew Buergler
      Financial Consultant
    • Christine Cantu
      Senior Technical Recruiter, Leap Program
    • Krista Cavalieri
      Public Affairs Coordinator
    • Daniel Chodos
      Director, Strategy & Planning Office
    • Marcus Clendenin
    • Kevin Corn
      Director, Systems Services Support Management
    • Lisa Dalberth
      SVP, CAO
    • Christine Danuck
      Sr. Executive Assistant
    • Sukhi Dhaliwal
    • Kevin Dorn
      Director, Systems Services Support Management
    • Davis Ervin
    • Cheryl Farnsworth
      Risk Director
    • Wendy Finger
    • Mary Foley
    • Bill Freitas
      SVP, SW Engineering & Development
    • Ashley Glover
      Strategic Sourcing Specialist
    • Byron Gregg
      VP - Strategy and Planning
    • William Gregory
      VP, Software Engineering Development Management
    • Andrew Hall
    • John Harter
      Vice President, Quality Engineering
    • Ganesh Jayaraman
      Fidelity Investments Management Technology
    • Chad Johnson
      Senior Manager Cybersecurity Consulting
    • Dharma Kolli
    • Kurt Liberatore
      Senior Vice President
    • Jamie Loebach
      Director, Quality Engineering
    • Robert Lotz
      Investment Consultant
    • Pablo Martinez
      Security Lead
    • Stephen McOwen
      VP, Cyber Defense
    • Christopher Melia
      Senior Vice President - HRC Technology
    • JoAnne Monahan
      Sr. Executive Assistant
    • Jillian Munro
      Head of Technology, FDAS
    • Patrick Murphy
    • Pamela Norley
      President - Fidelity Charitable
    • Tony Parham
      Vice President, Innovation & Strategy
    • Stefan Podvojsky
      SVP Investments & Program Management
    • Mark Rohrbough
    • Jerome Ruwe
      Head of Agile Delivery Practices at Fidelity Inves
    • Jim Schilling
    • Jason Schreuder
      Technology & Innovation Program Office Lead Link
    • Sue Ellen Simon
      IT Associate Development
    • Sachin Solkhan
      Director, Software Engineering
    • Roger Stiles
      CIO, Personal Investing
    • Ed Tallon
      Director Technical Curriculum for Leap
    • Lew Thorne
      Director, Project Manager
    • Llewellyn Thorne
      Global Program Leadership, Cyber Security Focus
    • Steven Wagner
    • Deb Walsh
      Senior Vice President, NC
    • Pat West
      Director Program Management for IT
    • Myra Wooten
      Senior Manager, External Communications
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