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Bank of America is one of the world's largest financial institutions, serving individual consumers, small and middle market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, read more
  • About

    Bank of America is one of the world's largest financial institutions, serving individual consumers, small and middle market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk-management products and services. The company provides unmatched convenience in the United States, serving 33 million consumer relationships with more than 5,800 retail banking offices, more than 16,700 ATMs and award-winning online banking with more than twelve million active users. Bank of America is the No. 1 overall Small Business Administration (SBA) lender in the United States and the No. 1 SBA lender to minority-owned small businesses. The company serves clients in 150 countries and has relationships with 98 percent of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies and 85 percent of the Global Fortune 500. Bank of America Corporation stock (ticker: BAC) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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  • Whom to Contact

    • Paul Aarons
      Mgr. Bus. Ctrl.
    • Jeff Adams
    • Patricia Albritton
    • Paul Anderson
      SVP, Capital Management Technology
    • Charlene Barrett
      SVP, Human Resources Manager
    • Dan Bartlett
      SVP Technology
    • Michael Berardi
      VP & Senior Manager, Technology
    • Tara Bergstrom Merino
    • Eric Bland
    • Betsy Brady
      SVP, Business Information Security Officer
    • Alfinie Bullock
      Risk Remediation
    • Erin Cassell
      SVP, Global Information Security
    • Sonika Chugh
      IT Project Manager
    • Bryan Cohen
      VP, Supply Management
    • Rob Dalzell
      Global Information Security
    • John DeZervos
      SVP & Business Executive - Technology
    • Susan Doster
    • Erika Duncan
      SVP, Community Relations Manager - Charlotte Marke
    • Kristi Ervin
      SVP, GT&O Staffing Manager
    • Alvaro Fernandez
      Relationship Manager
    • Walter G Ferrer
      SVP, Technology Service Strategy
    • Thomas Ferro
      SVP, Product intelligence
    • Trent Flood
      Senior Vice President
    • Juan Flowers
      VP Global Information Security & Education
    • Craig Froelich
      Chief Information Security Officer
    • Grae Garrison
      Senior Service Delivery Manager
    • Brian Gomiz
      System/Data Security Analyst
    • Nishitha Guntakandla
    • Gena Hamby
    • Sharron Haney
      Administrative Assistant
    • Sue Harnach
      Scrum Master
    • Kristell Havens
      Risk Manager - Channels
    • Johnathan Hill
      VP - Program Manager; Talent + Pipeline Dev.
    • Lauran Hollar
      System/Data Security
    • Stacy Ingle
    • Edward Isaacs
      VP, Operational Risk
    • Phillip James
      SVP, Learning & Leadership Development Executive
    • Henry Jiang
      Director, Fraud Analytics & Detection
    • Evan Jones
      Financial Advisor
    • Jonathan Jones
    • Mark Jones
      Cybersecurity Analyst
    • Prudhvi Kakani
    • Dan Kamin
      Reporting and Analytics
    • Mark Kerr
      AVP - Business Control Manager
    • Amar Keshani
      SVP, Financial Crimes Case Investigations
    • Katie King
      VP Information Security
    • Lisa Lane
      VP - Cybersecurity
    • Christopher Lis
      VP, Systems/Data Security
    • Sean Madji
      VP Strategy + Change: GIS Third Party Info Sec
    • Jeremy Martin
      Director, Software Development Manager
    • Jimmy McKenzie
      AVP, Client Education
    • Ricardo Medina
    • Scott Miller
      Manager, Service Delivery
    • Tony Moolayil
    • Jane Navarria
      Regional Manager
    • Jennifer Neurohr
      Global Information Security
    • Michael O'Hagan
      Sr VP Global Corp Security
    • John Palmer
      VP, Relationship Manager
    • Samyuktha Paritala
      Vice President
    • Carl Parziale
      SVP, Technology Executive
    • Mona Patel
      Info Security Engineer
    • Ben Pattison
      Sr. Vice President
    • Kim Phillips
      Senior Vice President Private Client Advisor
    • Lisa Prather
      Vice President, Sr. Relationship Manager
    • Helen Quinn
      Integrated Technology Delivery Management
    • Adam Richman
      Solutions Architect
    • Jeff Riesenberg
      VP, Email Execution Manager
    • Jeff Riesenberg
      VP, Email Execution Manager
    • Jeff Risenberg
      VP, Email Execution Manager
    • Dietrich Robinson
      Sr. Systems Consultant
    • Jeff Rose
      SVP, Sr. Process Design Manager
    • Nicholas Rose
      VP, Information Security
    • Jessica Rosenauer
      Vice President, Consultant Apps Prog.
    • Kara Sanders
      SVP, Human Resources Manager
    • Rick Scot
      VP, Global Information Security
    • Tyler Scott
    • Frank Segal
      Data Security Specialist
    • Susie Shaffer
      Vice President, Procurement Manager
    • Michael Shanahan
      Sales Support Associate, Commercial Banking
    • Tony Silva
      VP - Business Support Manager
    • Casey Smith
      Private Client Advisor
    • Greg Smith
    • Steve Sparkes
      Chief Operating Officer
    • Aleksandra Stein
      Media Investment Modeling Lead
    • Aimee Summey
    • Jean Thomas
      VP, Legal Technologies
    • Preston Thomas
      Sanctions Strategy, Regulatory Reporting
    • Lauren Vail
      Lead Administrator
    • Rex Varn
      AVP Manager Business Information
    • Chris Walcott
      Sr. Business Control Specialist
    • Whitney Westbrook
      SVP, Global Talent Acquisition
    • Nick Whalen
      Sr. VP, Legal Strategy and Process Design
    • Brandon Wright
      System/Data Security
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