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NATLDF is a Verified US Federal Contractor providing Digital Forensic Services to Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Corporations and Law Firms on a multitude of cases both civil and criminal, including Data Breach Projects. Since 2002 NATLDF Forensics Team has been providing Digital Forensic Services Nationally & Internationally to Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 Companies. NATLDF main Lab Facility is located in Raleigh, NC and our Digital Forensic Team is comprised of certified, experienced and trained personnel including law enforcement, and military personnel experienced in Digital Forensic Investigations. NATLDF follows full Chain of Custody Procedures throughout the case lifecycle and utilizes licensed forensic tools on-site and within our lab to insure data is write protected and the integrity of data remains intact throughout our processes. All work is done in our Main Forensic Lab Facility in Raleigh, NC and or as each case warrants or as needed on Client Site or other Sites as deemed necessary for Consultation, Assessments, Evidence Identification/Preservation, Image Acquisitions, Analysis, Reviews and or Major Projects throughout the US & Internationally. Services we provide: •Computer Forensics•Network Forensics•Mobile Forensics•GPS Forensics•Cell Tower Triangulation•Data Recovery Projects •Audio & Video Forensics•Vehicle System Forensics •E-Discovery Consulting•Review E-Discovery Requests•Court Ordered E-Discovery•Meet & Confer Sessions•Deposition Consulting on Digital Evidence•Litigatigation Support•Expert Witness•CLE & CPE Training/Presentations.


Giovanni Masucci
President/CEO, Sr Digital Forensic Examiner

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